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Personal Training – Partner Training – Small Groups – Classes

Personal Training sessions can be used in numerous ways! Which of these sounds like you?

  • I want to develop a few routines I can repeat on my own either at home or at a gym. I would benefit from meeting a few times to practice the routines and then meeting every few weeks to revamp and check in on my program.
  • I want to try something different each time I meet with a trainer. I like variety and want my trainer to take me through the workout and meet on a regular basis. I need some accountability!
  • I am BRAND NEW to working out or have a recent change in my health history and I’m not sure what I need.
  • I workout best with other people. Small Groups or Classes motivate me and help keep working out productive and fun.


Personal Training Sessions are $45 / hour, $35 for 45 mins, and $25 for 30 minute sessions
Partner Training Sessions are $25 / hour per person, $20 for 45 mins, and $15 for 30 minute sessions 
Small Groups & Classes run $10-$15 depending on which studio is hosting the class. 
Student & Senior Pricing Available!

Where Can We Meet to Train?


3125 E. Main Street Endwell, NY 13760 www.EBSFTraining.com  (607) 651-7116

This is an 1,100 sq. ft. private training studio in Endwell featuring TRX, Kettlebells, Weights, and Heavy Bags. No mirrors, no crowds, just you and the trainer!

Here you’ll find:

Personal Training & Small Group Classes

Bands, KBs in the front studio