Who Do I Want To Be?

Erin Hundley

The Fitness World is FULL.

How do I stand out? What is my magic formula as a trainer? How do I guarantee results? These are big, overwhelming thoughts for me as a trainer. And questions I feel I should have the IMMEDIATE answer to if I am going to convince you I’m the best and only choice out there. However, these questions don’t have simple answers, and I’m not in the business of claiming to know all the answers. I’m in the business of coaching. 

Every female trainer has an Instagram & Facebook account with toned muscles, cute outfits, and perfect looking workout routines. I find their youth and camera presence intimidating. I want to be just like them AND their antithesis at the same time. And I constantly try to remind myself that I, too, come across as young with perfect, effortless physique to many others watching my workouts. 

Comparison is the enemy of happiness, yet it can be something that lights a fire in your world and catapults you forward. What do you think motivated me to start a website building my IG/FB brand? Comparison. 

Positive feedback from others about your impressive weights and how amazing you look can fuel your energy to keep exercising. But pursuing compliments leaves you feeling empty in the long run. Existing as eye candy for men or women does not make you feel whole or truly valued. Do I appreciate a compliment? Yes. Do I strive to look great in my photos. Absolutely. But I’m trying to break from that every time I feel bold enough to do so. 

I train because it brings me joy. It’s how I feel like myself. It gives me space to feel strong, accomplished, healthy, and vibrant. I am creative and structured, competitive and accommodating at the same time, and personal training is a perfect outlet for these various sides of my personality. 

So why are are you looking to train? What are your intrinsic and extrinsic motivators? (Both are valid! We need many sources to keep moving forward!) My role as your trainer is to be your support, your coach, and to help discover a fitness lifestyle that fuels you and builds you up. Ready to start? Me too!


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